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Pro Records

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When did this site start?

A - First published on Jan 20, 2021

Q - Are you a Not for Profit Company?

A - No, Independently owned and operated.

Q - Do you own or operate any other sites?

A - Yes, also publish The Air Purifier, STD Concern, Acne Concern & Strength Tree.

Q - Why did you start this site?

A - Everybody seems to like or loathe sports records.

Q - How do you pay for this site?

A - Get a commission on products sold and advertising.

Q - Where do you get you stats?

A - Reliable Sources.

Q - Are these records Accurate?

A - Yes, but mistakes can happen when updating.

Q - Are you going to sell Sports Memorabilia on this site?

A - Yes, sometime in the future.

Q - Are you going to feature Soccer & other sports on this site?

A - Hopefully, sometime in the future.

as of January 27, 2021


Disclaimer: Cannot guarantee records are Complete & Accurate!

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