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U.S. Open Winners

Category: Golf

  • 2021 US Open - Torrey Pines (South) Golf Course
  • Most US Open wins - 4, Jack Nicklaus & 3 Others
# YearWinnerCountryScoreWon ByVenue
121 2021Jon RahmSpain278 (-6)1 strokeTorrey Pines Golf Course
120 2020Bryson DeChambeauUnited States274 (−6)6 strokesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course
119 2019Gary WoodlandUnited States271 (−13)3 strokesPebble Beach Golf Links
118 2018Brooks KoepkaUnited States281 (+1)1 strokeShinnecock Hills Golf Club
117 2017Brooks KoepkaUnited States272 (−16)4 strokesErin Hills
116 2016Dustin JohnsonUnited States276 (−4)3 strokesOakmont Country Club
115 2015Jordan SpiethUnited States275 (−5)1 strokeChambers Bay
114 2014Martin KaymerGermany271 (−9)8 strokesPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2
113 2013Justin RoseEngland281 (+1)2 strokesMerion Golf Club, East Course
112 2012Webb SimpsonUnited States281 (+1)1 strokeOlympic Club, Lake Course
111 2011Rory McIlroyNorthern Ireland268 (−16)8 strokesCongressional Country Club, Blue Course
110 2010Graeme McDowellNorthern Ireland284 (E)1 strokePebble Beach Golf Links
109 2009Lucas GloverUnited States276 (−4)2 strokesBethpage State Park, Black Course
108 2008Tiger Woods United States283 (−1)PlayoffTorrey Pines Golf Course, South Course
107 2007Ángel CabreraArgentina285 (+5)1 strokeOakmont Country Club
106 2006Geoff OgilvyAustralia285 (+5)1 strokeWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course
105 2005Michael CampbellNew Zealand280 (E)2 strokesPinehurst Resort, Course No. 2
104 2004Retief Goosen South Africa276 (−4)2 strokesShinnecock Hills Golf Club
103 2003Jim FurykUnited States272 (−8)3 strokesOlympia Fields Country Club, North Course
102 2002Tiger Woods United States277 (−3)3 strokesBethpage State Park, Black Course
101 2001Retief GoosenSouth Africa276 (−4)PlayoffSouthern Hills Country Club
100 2000Tiger WoodsUnited States272 (−12)15 strokesPebble Beach Golf Links
99 1999Payne Stewart United States279 (−1)1 strokePinehurst Resort, Course No. 2
98 1998Lee Janzen United States280 (E)1 strokeOlympic Club, Lake Course
97 1997Ernie Els South Africa276 (−4)1 strokeCongressional Country Club, Blue Course
96 1996Steve JonesUnited States278 (−2)1 strokeOakland Hills Country Club, South Course
95 1995Corey PavinUnited States280 (E)2 strokesShinnecock Hills Golf Club
94 1994Ernie ElsSouth Africa279 (−5)PlayoffOakmont Country Club
93 1993Lee JanzenUnited States272 (−8)2 strokesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course
92 1992Tom KiteUnited States285 (−3)2 strokesPebble Beach Golf Links
91 1991Payne StewartUnited States282 (−6)PlayoffHazeltine National Golf Club
90 1990Hale Irwin United States280 (−8)PlayoffMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3
89 1989Curtis Strange United States278 (−2)1 strokeOak Hill Country Club, East Course
88 1988Curtis StrangeUnited States278 (−6)PlayoffThe Country Club, Composite Course
87 1987Scott SimpsonUnited States277 (−3)1 strokeOlympic Club, Lake Course
86 1986Raymond FloydUnited States279 (−1)2 strokesShinnecock Hills Golf Club
85 1985Andy North United States279 (−1)1 strokeOakland Hills Country Club, South Course
84 1984Fuzzy ZoellerUnited States276 (−4)PlayoffWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course
83 1983Larry NelsonUnited States280 (−4)1 strokeOakmont Country Club
82 1982Tom WatsonUnited States282 (−6)2 strokesPebble Beach Golf Links
81 1981David GrahamAustralia273 (−7)3 strokesMerion Golf Club, East Course
80 1980Jack Nicklaus United States272 (−8)2 strokesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course
79 1979Hale Irwin United States284 (E)2 strokesInverness Club
78 1978Andy NorthUnited States285 (+1)1 strokeCherry Hills Country Club
77 1977Hubert GreenUnited States278 (−2)1 strokeSouthern Hills Country Club
76 1976Jerry PateUnited States277 (−3)2 strokesAtlanta Athletic Club, Highlands Course
75 1975Lou GrahamUnited States287 (+3)PlayoffMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3
74 1974Hale IrwinUnited States287 (+7)2 strokesWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course
76 1973Johnny MillerUnited States279 (−5)1 strokeOakmont Country Club
72 1972Jack Nicklaus United States290 (+2)3 strokesPebble Beach Golf Links
71 1971Lee Trevino United States280 (E)PlayoffMerion Golf Club, East Course
70 1970Tony JacklinEngland281 (−7)7 strokesHazeltine National Golf Club
69 1969Orville MoodyUnited States281 (+1)1 strokeChampions Golf Club, Cypress Creek Course
68 1968Lee TrevinoUnited States275 (−5)4 strokesOak Hill Country Club, East Course
67 1967Jack Nicklaus United States275 (−5)4 strokesBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course
66 1966Billy Casper United States278 (−2)PlayoffOlympic Club, Lake Course
65 1965Gary PlayerSouth Africa282 (+2)PlayoffBellerive Country Club
64 1964Ken VenturiUnited States278 (−2)4 strokesCongressional Country Club, Blue Course
63 1963Julius Boros United States293 (+9)PlayoffThe Country Club, Composite Course
62 1962Jack NicklausUnited States283 (−1)PlayoffOakmont Country Club
61 1961Gene LittlerUnited States281 (+1)1 strokeOakland Hills Country Club, South Course
60 1960Arnold PalmerUnited States280 (−4)2 strokesCherry Hills Country Club
59 1959Billy CasperUnited States282 (+2)1 strokeWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course
58 1958Tommy BoltUnited States283 (+3)4 strokesSouthern Hills Country Club
57 1957Dick MayerUnited States282 (+2)PlayoffInverness Club
56 1956Cary Middlecoff United States281 (+1)1 strokeOak Hill Country Club, East Course
55 1955Jack FleckUnited States287 (+7)PlayoffOlympic Club, Lake Course
54 1954Ed FurgolUnited States284 (+4)1 strokeBaltusrol Golf Club, Lower Course
53 1953Ben Hogan United States283 (−5)6 strokesOakmont Country Club
52 1952Julius BorosUnited States281 (+1)4 strokesNorthwood Club
51 1951Ben Hogan United States287 (+7)2 strokesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course
50 1950Ben Hogan United States287 (+7)PlayoffMerion Golf Club, East Course
49 1949Cary MiddlecoffUnited States286 (+2)1 strokeMedinah Country Club, Course No. 3
48 1948Ben HoganUnited States276 (−8)2 strokesRiviera Country Club
47 1947Lew WorshamUnited States282 (−2)PlayoffSt. Louis Country Club
46 1946Lloyd MangrumUnited States284 (−4)PlayoffCanterbury Golf Club
  1942-45Cancelled due to WW II
45 1941Craig WoodUnited States284 (+4)3 strokesColonial Country Club
44 1940Lawson LittleUnited States287 (−1)PlayoffCanterbury Golf Club
43 1939Byron NelsonUnited States284 (−4)PlayoffPhiladelphia Country Club, Spring Mill Course
42 1938Ralph Guldahl United States284 (E)6 strokesCherry Hills Country Club
41 1937Ralph GuldahlUnited States281 (+1)2 strokesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course
40 1936Tony ManeroUnited States282 (−2)2 strokesBaltusrol Golf Club, Upper Course
39 1935Sam Parks, Jr.United States299 (+11)2 strokesOakmont Country Club
38 1934Olin DutraUnited States293 (+13)1 strokeMerion Golf Club, East Course
37 1933Johnny GoodmanUnited States287 (−1)1 strokeNorth Shore Country Club
36 1932Gene Sarazen United States286 (+2)3 strokesFresh Meadow Country Club
35 1931Billy BurkeUnited States292 (+4)PlayoffInverness Club
34 1930Bobby Jones United States287 (−1)2 strokesInterlachen Country Club
33 1929Bobby Jones United States294PlayoffWinged Foot Golf Club, West Course
32 1928Johnny FarrellUnited States294PlayoffOlympia Fields Country Club, North Course
31 1927Tommy ArmourScotland / United States301PlayoffOakmont Country Club
30 1926Bobby Jones United States2931 strokeScioto Country Club
29 1925Willie MacfarlaneScotland291PlayoffWorcester Country Club
28 1924Cyril WalkerEngland2973 strokesOakland Hills Country Club, South Course
27 1923Bobby JonesUnited States296PlayoffInwood Country Club
26 1922Gene SarazenUnited States2881 strokeSkokie Country Club
25 1921Jim BarnesEngland2899 strokesColumbia Country Club
24 1920Ted RayJersey2951 strokeInverness Club
23 1919Walter Hagen United States301PlayoffBrae Burn Country Club, Main Course
  1917-18Cancelled due to WW I
22 1916Chick EvansUnited States2862 strokesThe Minikahda Club
21 1915Jerome TraversUnited States2971 strokeBaltusrol Golf Club, Revised Course
20 1914Walter HagenUnited States2901 strokeMidlothian Country Club
19 1913Francis OuimetUnited States304PlayoffThe Country Club
18 1912John McDermott United States2942 strokesCountry Club of Buffalo
17 1911John McDermottUnited States307PlayoffChicago Golf Club
16 1910Alex Smith Scotland298PlayoffPhiladelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's Course
15 1909George SargentEngland2904 strokesEnglewood Golf Club
14 1908Fred McLeodScotland322PlayoffMyopia Hunt Club
13 1907Alec RossScotland3022 strokesPhiladelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's Course
12 1906Alex SmithScotland2957 strokesOnwentsia Club
11 1905Willie Anderson Scotland3142 strokesMyopia Hunt Club
10 1904Willie Anderson Scotland3034 strokesGlen View Club
9 1903Willie Anderson Scotland307PlayoffBaltusrol Golf Club, Original Course
8 1902Laurie AuchterlonieScotland3076 strokesGarden City Golf Club
7 1901Willie AndersonScotland331PlayoffMyopia Hunt Club
6 1900Harry VardonJersey3132 strokesChicago Golf Club
5 1899Willie SmithScotland31511 strokesBaltimore Country Club, Roland Park Course
4 1898Fred HerdScotland3287 strokesMyopia Hunt Club
3 1897Joe LloydEngland1621 strokeChicago Golf Club
2 1896James FoulisScotland1523 strokesShinnecock Hills Golf Club
1 1895Horace RawlinsEngland1732 strokesNewport Country Club
  • Last Update: Jun 21, 2021

Multiple Winners

  • Most US Open Wins - 4, Jack Nicklaus 
1 Jack Nicklaus4
2 Ben Hogan4
3 Bobby Jones4
4 Willie Anderson4
5 Tiger Woods3
6 Hale Irwin3
7 Brooks Koepka2
8 Retief Goosen2
9 Payne Stewart2
10 Lee Janzen2
11 Ernie Els2
12 Curtis Strange2
13 Andy North2
14 Lee Trevino2
15 Billy Casper2
16 Julius Boros2
17 Cary Middlecoff2
18 Ralph Guldahl2
19 Gene Sarazen2
20 Walter Hagen2
21 John McDermott2
22 Alex Smith2
  • Last Update: Feb 13, 2021



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